Cathedral Church of St Mary

Newcastle upon Tyne




In 2016 Archbishops Justin Welby and John Sentamu invited every parish in the Church of England to pray between the period of Ascension and Pentecost for people to come to know the love of Jesus Christ. The response was astonishing as churches up and down the country became involved and more than one hundred thousand people took part. Taken from the Lords Prayer this event was entitled ‘Thy Kingdom Come’.

One year later, the campaign’s broad ecumenical appeal led to more than 50 denominations and traditions participating including the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church and the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Discussion explored what would happen if every Christian felt inspired and able to share the love of Jesus within their communities and with all the people that they know. What kind of transformation would that bring to families, societies and nations around the world?

This year, St Mary’s Cathedral will be taking part in ’Thy Kingdom Come’ with ten days of prayer and worship events from 10 - 20 May.

During this time, each Mass will begin with a special prayer for the coming of the kingdom.

The Lady Chapel will become a candle lit prayer space to symbolize the dispelling of darkness and the coming of the Kingdom into our world.

The book of prayer will be located there for those who may wish to write intentions for family and friends they hope will come to know God manifest in Jesus Christ.

On Friday 18 May at 7.15pm the Cathedral will hold an evening of prayer, open to all denominations, to include Taize chants. Refreshments will follow.