Cathedral Church of St Mary

Newcastle upon Tyne



Feast of Christ the King - YOUTH SUNDAY 2017

On the Feast of Christ the King, 26th November, we celebrated Youth Sunday.

The theme for Youth Sunday was saying 'yes' to God like Mary.

At all the Masses at the Cathedral today there was input from young people, and at the 10.00am Mass young people performed a drama showing how, although the many pressures of life can pull young people away from Jesus, He is always there. Our Church community helps the youth through their prayer, compassion and support.

Today was the Feast of Christ the King and special flowers were included in the ambo arrangement called King Protea, so appropriate to celebrate the feast of Christ the KIng. This unique and beautiful bloom, the national flower of South Africa, resembles a colourful crown and symbolises rebirth as it survives the wildfires that rage across its natural habitat. The Cathedral would like to thank Allan Bean who generously sponsored this display for us all to enjoy.