St Mary's Cathedral


The Cathedral Choir 20th Anniversary

On Sunday 27 September 2020, we mark 20 years since the formation of St Mary’s Cathedral Choir. While other choirs existed at the cathedral before this date, the Cathedral Choir in its present form was brought together on the occasion of the Cathedral’s 150th anniversary, by Fr Michael Campion under the direction of the late Howard Baker. The new Cathedral Choir, with Cathedral organist David Allison, sang at a Diocesan Mass to mark that occasion on Saturday, September 30, 2000. 

Under normal circumstances, the Choir would be marking its 20th anniversary with music, but it is not possible at the moment because of Covid-19 restrictions. However, we give thanks that the Choir continues with its aim: ‘to cover the whole range of church music, yet at the same time to encourage active participation from our congregation’. We look forward to singing together and celebrating this anniversary once we are able to do so.

Photo from Sursum Corda, 2000: Members of the Cathedral's 150th Anniversary Mass Choir