Cathedral Church of St Mary

Newcastle upon Tyne




On 5th December “The Summits” took place at the Cathedral. The first of three evenings of praise, worship and testimony, it reflected how in the Bible it was often on mountain tops that people experience God.

Organised by the Department for Adult Formation, the evening was an inspiring experience for all. Uplifting praise and worship led by “Expedition”, and input by Dominican Preacher Andrew Brooks OP helped us all to be empowered with a fresh energy and a renewed vision and outlook.

The Scripture reading for the evening was

Luke 10: 1- 11, 16-20 - The Sending and Return of the Disciples

(Jesus sends out the disciples to every town to tell people the Kingdom of God has come near, and He instructs them to give everyone a greeting of peace. The 70 disciples come back with great joy.)

Read in full on Bible Gateway (Enter Luke 10: 1- 11, 16-20 in the Search box)

Listen to Talk by Andrew Brooks OP:


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